Monthly Archive: October 2015

Trimmings For Cooking Counters

The trimmings for counters in kitchens can be opted for in different materials, shapes and finishes. When it comes to creating an edge for a counter there can be effects like beveled, straight, rounded or bull nose. Nowadays the counters that are created are seamless and molded pieces. They usually come with finished edges, but it is possible to ask for countertop trims to be added on the sides by special requests. The edging can also be done with a variety of materials like metal, wood or laminate. Ceramic tiles are also used to create a distinct look as trimmings for counters.

Inexpensive trimmings

In most cases, the straight edge option is a standard which comes in pre manufactured forms. Hence, this kind of edging is least expensive to opt for as well. Here the trim forms a right angle at the edges and are adhered to the counter with the help of adhesive. Gorgeous laminex kitchen benchtop can also come with this kind of standard trims which need not be ordered additionally.

Wooden trimmings

For a unique edging effect on your cooking area counter, laminex kitchen benchtops can be edged with wooden trimmings. Even metal can be used as trimmings on laminated counters. Metal trimmings look good on stone, metal or on ceramic counters. However, wooden trimmings can be used when laminated modules are given the wooden finish and effect as well. The opposite can also be achieved when wooden counters come with laminated edges. This helps to preserve the main material of the countertop.

Other options

When it comes to edging or trimming of your counter in the cooking area, other options can be explored like ceramic tiles. These can be glued to countertops directly, to the edges. The tiles come in different patterns and colors and a custom look can be achieved as a result. The rounded profile is often preferred as sharp edges with tiles can hurt if someone rams into them as children are prone to do. Metal trimmings can also be considered, though this tends to be more expensive. However, durability of metal trimmings is more compared to ceramic and other tiled trimmings.

Why opt for trimmings

There are several functions of edging done on counters besides the look and appeal that it helps to achieve. Sharp edges can be rounded off and preserved with the help of trimmings. Constant abrasion can wear off the edges and this is prevented by adding on trimmings. In old counter surfaces with abraded edges, adding a trimming will be a cost effective measure to refurbish the old counter. These are some of the several functions for which edging can be considered for cooking area counters, old and new in modern homes.